News: A Day Without Love’s Brian Walker to Release ‘Safe x Sound’ Documentary

A Day Without Love’s Brian Walker has announced his “Safe x Sound” documentary film, exploring consent and safe spaces in the East Coast underground music scene.

The documentary was produced by Philadelphia filmmaker Brianna Spause and is slated for a Summer 2021 release, with July 23 as the current date for its digital unveiling. 

Brian Walker Brianna Spause

This film was made possible by the incredible hospitality of musicians, show promoters, and hosts Brian met on the 2019 Storytellers Tour. From bars to coffee shops, art spaces to basement shows, they discovered a common thread. Consent and inclusion is the only way to create a space to feel SAFE and SOUND. 

The project was made possible by generous support from Philadelphia-based fashion brand Cultured Assets

Except from the film:

“As a musician, I’m trying to create is a space where people don’t feel ashamed of the pain inside of them. And people don’t feel ashamed of the good inside of them. I hope to create a community of honesty where that veil does not exist. We don’t respond to positive or negative emotions. Because either A, we’re too afraid of accepting that a good thing is coming to them, or B, we’re afraid of the pain that’s actually inside of us. If we can’t breathe in our art and expression, then how the hell are we ever going to breathe?”

Check out the trailer for the film below, and keep reading for our exclusive Q&A with Brian Walker. Check out the “Safe x Sound” film website here for more info.

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What inspired you to make this movie? 
Philadelphia Videographer Brianna Spause and I went on a photoshoot in 2018, and I shared my aspirations of wanting to make a documentary. Brianna had interest in doing the same. So we decided to collaborate together. I have always had an interest in the intersection between culture and music. So, we decided to interview people that we met on the Storyteller’s Tour about their experiences with their community and music. During the tour we noticed a common thread. That thread was that music spaces that value safety, consent, inclusion, and diversity serve as a space for uplifting marginalized people. As a marginalized musician and creator I aspire to create audio and visual experiences around the humanistic side of being a creator and existing. 

Why do you think something like this is so needed? 
While the original date for this documentary was supposed to be in 2019, I think the documentary is more important than ever. Governments and businesses are not prioritizing music spaces for funding. DIY communities are eager to play shows, and organizers need new spaces to collaborate and connect when the pandemic is over. This film not only reminds us of our value, it demonstrates the importance of uplifting those who are often not represented in the media and creative communities. 

What was the filming process like, and how did the film come together? 
The filming process was very DIY. We did not have a filming crew, Brianna and myself worked together. I booked 18 dates across the East Coast, South, and Midwest. In 16-18 dates ( three locations did not have proper lighting for recording) we interviewed artists, musicians and community leaders about their relationship with community, music, and diversity in their environment.

We have worked with some of our peers and a few brands to help this come alive.  Cultured Assets Clothing Brand (Sponsorship), Sheetz (Gas and Food Vouchers/Sponsorship) , Kind Bars (Food), Alex Stanilla (Editor and Animation), Katy Galvin (Branding and Design) and Maggie Andresen ( Scripting and Trailer Editor). While we have been able to develop a team around this, we are still looking for sponsorship and support to help with submitting for film festivals, production costs, and releasing the documentary in as professional of a way possible. We hope to be done in the summer and should be releasing in June. 

What do you hope people take away from the film? 
We hope that people understand that independent musicians and communities are spaces to where the advocacy of social change can breathe. Independent creative spaces are the hubs for social revolution and progressive thought. 

Do you have anything else you’d like to plug or promote? 
I recently wrote a book called Surviving and Diving which can be purchased on all ebook reading platforms or on my website I am also working on my second Studio Recorded Full Length record with Kitzy from Left of the Dial and Branden of Past Life. I am working with a cast of a few other artists as well on this record, but I can’t quite announce that yet. However , this record will be the most positive record I have ever written in my life. 

Anything else you’d like to add? 
I look forward to seeing how the public can learn from this documentary and I would like to thank New Noise for sharing the trailer.

Images courtesy of Brian Walker

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