News: Abhoria Share New Video for ‘The Inexorable Earth’

Abhoria have released a video for “The Inexorable Earth” from their most recent record Depths released earlier this year. This is Abhoria’s second full length album.

Guitarist Trevor Portz comments:

“‘The Inexorable Earth’ is Abhoria in its purest form: relentless, blast-beat-driven black metal with some melodic and death metal flourishes. This was the first song specifically written for Depths, and lays out the story that the album follows: Someone who has been locked inside, ignoring the nightmare that their world has become, finally ventures out … and it’s even worse than they expected. While it’s certainly not a political song, it was definitely influenced by the limitless destruction humans are hellbent on delivering to the planet and their fellow inhabitants. Pay close attention to Ben’s scream in the middle, which is insanely long and was done in one breath!”

Though Depths isn’t a concept record, each track is a different scenario or horrific vision for mankind to endure following the bio-political-terror of a world gone mad. Depths is scary anthology of different Orwellian hypotheticals where the human condition is confronted with nearly inconceivable adverse events and extreme conditions ultimately shaping who we are and how we perceive the world we live in.

Abhoria was inspired by many real life locations and situations, allowing their imaginations to embellish further fictional details to bring their bleak visions to life.

Photo courtesy of Abhoria

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