News: Abigail Williams Returns to Studio for New Record

Abigail Williams are back in the studio recording their sixth record with an eye towards a 2024 release via via Agonia Records.

Abigail Williams, now a quartet, are comprised of Ken Sorceron (ex-Aborted, ex-The Faceless, Vale Of Pnath) on vocals and guitars, Vance Valenzuela (Vale Of Pnath) on guitars, John Porada (ex-Nachtmystium, ex-Wolvhammer) on bass, and Gabe Seeber (Decrepit Birth) on drums.

Abigail Williams in the studio

Band founder Ken Sorceron states:

“After two long years of contemplation, we’ve finally returned to the studio to revisit and refine our upcoming album. The path we’ve walked on this creative journey has had plenty of ups and downs, but our determination to get it right has never wavered. We’re aiming for a tentative release in late spring/early summer.

“Crafting music worth sharing has taught us that time, patience, and meticulous care are essential. We’ve spared no effort to ensure that this album lives up to the exceptional quality of ‘Walk Beyond The Dark.’ We’re truly grateful for your unwavering support, and we hope you’ll find it worth the wait when the album finally lands in your hands. Stay tuned for updates as we labor to bring you our most authentic work yet.”

Abigail Williams took their name from a girl whose false accusations ignited the Salem Witch Trials of 1692.

Photo courtesy of Abigail Williams 

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