News: Abysmal Dawn Announce New EP and Video for ‘A Nightmare Slain’

Abysmal Dawn will be dropping a new EP entitled, Nightmare Frontier, February 4 via Season of Mist. To kick it off, the band have unleashed a new video and single for the track, “A Nightmare Slain.”

Frontman and founding member Charles Elliot states:

“The music for this track was recorded for ‘Phylogenesis,’ but we left it off the record. We thought it was a great song but we felt it didn’t quite fit into the flow of that album. The music shows a bit more of a slightly progressive and melodic side of the band, which we may explore more in the future. The lyrics were written during the pandemic and are inspired by the lore of the video game ‘Bloodborne.’

“Now, we have a lot of songs filled with social commentary and introspective lyrics. When it came time to write the words for this one, I don’t think I could bring myself to focus any more on the misery or subjugation that we live in our day to day lives. Who needs another song of ‘COVID’ drivel or divisive politics at this point?

‘Hopefully we can all agree on what I discovered while I was trapped at home for over a year; ‘Bloodborne’ is one of the greatest video games ever made. ‘Animal Crossing’ and ‘Mario Party’ fans should definitely check it out, along with the rest of the ‘soulsborne’ genre for a stress free good time… We hope you enjoy our song inspired by one of the most metal games ever made. Enjoy and see you on tour!”

Abysmal Dawn hit the road with Obscura, Vale Of Pnath, and Interloper beginning February 3 in San Diego, CA and ending March 23 in Fresno, CA.

Preorder Nightmare Frontier from Season of Mist or Abysmal Dawn’s online store.

The single and EP can also be streamed and presaved here

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