News: Acephalix Release New Record ‘Theothanatology’

Blackened death thrash maniacs Acephalix have not only released their fourth record, Theothanatology, but they’re streaming it as well. Theothanatology refers to the idea that God is dead. Fans of the band will notice they’ve gone back to being a quintet, something they haven’t done since their debut LP Aporia.

The current lineup is vocalist Daniel Butler (Vastum), drummer David Benson (Lawless, Said Sara), bassist Erika Osterhout (Chthonic Deity, Scolex), and guitarists Adam Camara (Ensepulcher, Battleshök) and Adam Walker (Kata Sarka, ex-Fog, ex-Graves Of The Endless Fall).

Purchase Theothanatology at 20 Buck Spin’s official website and Bandcamp page.

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