News: Alaska-based Hardcore Group She Announces New LP, Unveils Single ‘Arguments In Space’

Anchorage, Alaska-based hardcore/crust quartet She will release their pummeling new LP, Goodpaster, on June 16. In addition to the announcement of the new album, the band unveiled the pummeling lead single “Arguments In Space.”

The crushing LP delivers 13 new tracks in under 27 minutes, unloading a salvo of explosive metallic hardcore while seamlessly executing continuous infectious hooks, making for an instantly memorable listen.

Of the lead single, vocalist Andrew Sims states: “‘Arguments In Space’ is the first single off Goodpaster for two reasons: It jumps right out the gate, and it provides the listener with a well-rounded idea of the soundscapes navigated over the course of the record-a little grindage, some gallop, a mean blast, and a mosh part. Lyrically, it’s about wearing many hats in varying circles while attempting to maintain authenticity of self. It explores themes of inter- and intrapersonal insecurities and the internal monologues that coincide with such. Ultimately, most of us just want to be ourselves, but societally are forced into different molds and constructs to make ends meet which wreaks havoc on our physical and mental health.”

Goodpaster Tracklist:

1. The Goodpaster
2. The Knee I Know Naught
3. Willful Non-Compliance
4. Old Soul Shows Age
5. Lop Off The Thumbs
6. Protocol Assimilator
7. Bullshit Portant
8. New Ceilings
9. Arguments In Space
10. Peace Tax
11. Whilst Thy Breast Yet Heaves
12. Dyed In The Wool
12. Headwaters Of…

Goodpaster was recorded, engineered, and mixed by Taylor Young at The Pit Recording Studio (Nails, Kruelty, God’s Hate), mastered By Brad Boatright at Audiosiege (Obituary, Year Of The Knife, R.A.M.B.O.), and completed with artwork and layout by Justin Costiniano.

Listen to “Arguments In Space” by She here:

Preorder Goodpaster here, and follow the band here.

Photo courtesy of Charles J. Tice

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