Maybe it’s not their weekend, but it’s their year! All Time Low, one of the heroes of the early 2000’s pop-punk and emo days, has finally reached one of their most significant milestones yet. ATL has finally landed a #1 at radio, and their new single, “Monsters” ft. Blackbear, off their latest record, Wake Up Sunshine (Fueled By Ramen), is topping the charts. 

This is All Time Low’s first #1 at radio, after years of success and two gold albums, two gold singles, and a platinum single. 

In April, Wake Up Sunshine premiered at #1 on the Billboard Top Rock Chart. After it’s release, “Monsters” got the acoustic treatment with a video to accompany it. 

In between all of that, ATL also released a wine, Summer Daze Rosé, in partnership with Wines that Rock. Alex Gaskarth and Jack Barakat also started their podcast, Crash Test Live. 

All songs and the new record are available to stream on all platforms. 

Check out “Monsters” here.

Pick up Wake Up Sunshine here.

Acoustic song and video here.

Podcast here.

Purchase wine here.

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