News: Conflict Choir Reveal Single ‘Don’t Let Me Drown’

West Midlands alternative rock band Conflict Choir started out as a band for frontman Ali Clinton’s solo project, but quickly became a much deeper connection.

Turning the pandemic into something positive, the turbulent time and constraining experience gave Conflict Choir numerous sources of material to write about. Strange Game has a heavy mental health theme throughout yet questions philosophical pondering, dystopian outlooks, and abuse. Speaking further on the album, Conflict Choir’s frontman Ali Clinton says, “This album is a mirror of the struggles of living in today’s times through sonic poetry and texture.”

Speaking about the single and upcoming album, Conflict Choir share: “This is a single from our full album Strange Game, which will be released single by single throughout the year. Each single will have alternative versions that we will sometimes release online but will reserve special versions only available as physical copies for lives hows—something for hardcore fans to dig their teeth into. We’re looking to release a visual representation of our world with each single to immersive the audience even further.”

Engineering with the help of their friend Thomas Atlas, the release was further mixed and mastered by Greg Chandler at Priory Studios to take the sound to the amazing HiFi sound that you hear in the finished project.

As session players, the members of Conflict Choir have previously worked with Uli Jon Roth (Scorpions), Bernie Marsden (Whitesnake), Girls of the Internet, Thomas Atlas, Sheddy Maria, Mnelia, Gaby K, Cleopatra, and Indigo Marshall (who opened up the Birmingham Commonwealth Games).

This is truly a fierce release that indicates that alternative rock has a new face.

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