Dark Americana artist Amigo The Devil has just released the first single, ”Another Man’s Grave,” off his forthcoming second album, Born Against, set to drop on February 19 via Liars Club/Regime Music Group. “Another Man’s Grave” is a storytelling marvel, as Amigo laments the trials and tribulations of the human condition over a swelling orchestral crescendo.

Listen to “Another Man’s Grave” below:

On his new release, Amigo had the following to say:

“This is very much a coming-to-terms song. It’s the realization that the habits and routine we’ve been living, the behaviors, and outlook displayed aren’t true to the person that we know exists somewhere within,” commented Kiranos about the new song.

“It’s about the purgatory-like time between accepting this and the moment we truly decide to do something about it. It’s about the fear and self-doubt that keep us believing we aren’t strong enough to be the person we genuinely know we are whether it’s because of social pressure, trauma, addiction or any combination of circumstances that keep us stuck in a grave we know we don’t belong in.”

Photo by Amigo The Devil.

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