News: Amigo the Devil Releases Lyric Video for ‘Cannibal Within’

Amigo the Devil has released the official lyric video for his latest single, “Cannibal Within.” This track will be featured on his upcoming album, Yours Until the War is Over, which will drop in early 2024.

Directed and shot by Natasha Austrich, with animations by Disembodied, the video’s black-and-white visuals create a somber, intuitive backdrop for Amigo the Devil’s disarming lyrics:

“All the parts we hate start adding up
Until we find ourselves with more regret than blood.
The moment we don’t recognize the person inside our skin
We’re losing the fight, eaten alive by the cannibal within”

“Cannibal Within” is a banjo-driven track that focuses on the human experience. Featuring experimental backing percussion—dropping of picks, bottle clinks, and the clacking of toy teeth—”Cannibal Within” is sure to immerse the listener with an internal dialogue of self-doubt and insecurities.

Amigo the Devil explains:

“There’s a tiny little cannibal inside of us all, and it feeds on our insecurities. The more it feeds on doubt, jealousy, and self-devaluation, the bigger it grows until it becomes bigger than we ourselves are. And then we’re left with nothing. We lose the war.”

Fans can listen to “Cannibal Within” here, and preorder/presave Yours Until the War is Over here.

Photo courtesy of Alison Clarke Cliqmo Photography

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