News: ANALOGr to Auction Off Rare, Custom-Painted Guitar and Other Rare Items From Bad Religion’s Greg Hetson

ANALOGr is a company specializing in music industry memorabilia and other pop-culture rarities and oddities, including musical instruments and recording equipment.

They’ve started a new series of timed auctions called the ArtistFirst Collection in which fans can bid on rare items from their favorite musicians. One of the recent auctions was for Limp Bizkit’s Wes Borland who sold over 60 rare and personal items including the Mesa Boogie amp used to record their debut album. Their next auction, which begins today, features gear from legendary punk guitarist Greg Hetson from Bad Religion, The Circle Jerks, and Redd Kross. You can see him talking about his involvement with the auction below.

Greg Hetson

The highlight of Hetson’s auction will be his guitar, a one-of-a-kind Gibson SG custom-painted with the album cover to Bad Religion’s iconic 1988 album Suffer. It’s still in perfect working order, and it’s been traveling with Hetson and Bad Religion for years. You can hear Hetson talk about his history with his unique guitar below.

Greg Hetson

Greg Hetson

Amongst the other key items in the auction are a 90s Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier guitar amp, Sennheiser Wireless Guitar System, and multiple flight cases. Check out below what Hetson had to say about the story behind his guitar amplifier.

The auction goes live today so check out The Greg Hetson Collection at ANALOGr!

Photos courtesy of ANALOGr

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