News: Ancira Release ‘Burn This City’

Southern California rockers Ancira continue their impressive stretch of singles with their latest release “Burn This City.” The four-piece band effortlessly blend metalcore and pop punk, with this song being no different.

“This song hits hard for me lyrically especially,” vocalist Drew Stone says.  “It is about someone that has destroyed years of my life, and I believe that I have finally gotten rid of the toxic individual. This person was an abusive alcoholic/drug addict/narcissist towards me for 30-plus years. It’s important that we as individuals don’t keep others in our lives because of “who they are” or “who they are supposed to be.” It doesn’t matter who they are. If they are toxic, get rid of them, and don’t look back.”

Started by Stone, Ancira released their first song on the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic titled “All That We Know.” The popular track received excellent feedback, but the project’s formation slowed as lockdowns took hold.

Armed with an excellent song, Stone recruited drummer Jimmy Brooks and guitarists Justin Fontes and Stephen Hernandez. Hernandez also produces the band’s music.

Ancira eyes an aggressive slate in 2023. The band plan to release a new single every six weeks and will tour the West Coast.

Keep a close on their progress, and listen to their music here.

Photo courtesy of Ancira

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