The God of Partying Andrew WK has just signed an exclusive deal with Napalm Records. Cue rimshot and joke about burning down the house with a payload of napalm.

On the historic event that this literally is, Napalm Records offered the following statement:

“We at Napalm Records are thrilled to propel  Andrew WK  to new heights, having been longtime fans of the work since the beginning. To say partnering (and partying) with the team at  Andrew WK  has been exciting and enlightening is an understatement. We’ve got our seat belts on and secured tightly, and we’re ready to party party party our way into the future of  Andrew WK!”

Kristine Williams, an affiliate of Andrew WK’s, and presumably someone he pays money in exchange for services, such as PR representation (speculative), shared these words on behalf of the entire  Andrew WK  enterprise:

“Everyone at Andrew WK and The Louise Harland Corporation is very pleased to have this opportunity to work with Napalm Records. We look forward to partying harder than ever before!”

Oh, and we can’t forget Frank Vierti, long time creative director for  Andrew WK, who had the following to say: 

“I’ve worked on  Andrew WK  since the late 90’s, and it’s been a wild ride since day one. Still, after all the twists and turns, I have an uncanny feeling that the most twisted turns are about to take place, and I’m confident the good people at Napalm Records will hold on tight while we navigate the next loop in this never-ending rollercoaster ride. It’s rare to find a group of music industry veterans that not only grasp the core of what we’ve been doing for the past two decades, but also have a shared vision that will take us forward and over the edges. They’ve seen through the big picture, they’ve accepted what’s going on in the background, and they’ve agreed on what’s to come. Most importantly, they’re not afraid to push this next chapter and reconnect the dots from 1999, 2001, 2005, 2009, and the tears spanning 2011 and 2018. O praise the Party Gods!” 

All joking aside, Andrew WK is king. All hail the king!

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