Anthony, the solo project of Ceremony guitarist and co-founder Anthony Anzaldo, has released a music video for new single “Second To Last.” The synthetic sounding, goth-pop track follows his 2018 debut EP Get Over U.

While certainly a far cry from the power violence that listeners most associate with Ceremony, Anzaldo’s solo work makes a logical connection with the band’s progression to more new wave-inspired sounds on more recent releases. “Second To Last” delivers moody, reverb-heavy minimalism with a purple-hued security cam video of a robbery to match.

“We all have our unyielding ideals, to varying degrees,” says Anzaldo of the single’s inspiration. “At the same time we all act under the influence of apathy. ‘Second To Last’ explores the interface of Yes and No.
The pendulum often centers and I fell the moments where we are unsure of ourselves, or say ‘This is the last time’, reveal more about who we are than we would like to admit. Nearing the end, or the beginning, is a significant period in one’s journey.”

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