News: Anti-Flag Announce 10th Anniversary Version of The General Strike

Anti-Flag announced they’re releasing a 10th anniversary edition of their 2012 album, The General Strike. 

The album will be released on special edition red vinyl and will include two previously unreleased track—”Whistleblower” and “Skate—all-new gatefold artwork, and a limited-edition poster.

“It’s unfortunate how many of the themes that we were feeling and writing about on this album are some of the most arduous issues we are facing today” vocalist and bassist Chris #2 explained. “History, power structures, and the abuse of the working class and poor are all too often cyclical in nature. The band was just heading the warning of community organizers and protest movements; we were trying to document that struggle with these songs. We are grateful that people are still finding solace and hope for a better way forward in them today.” 

The 10th anniversary edition of The General Strike comes out on October 14. Make sure to follow Anti-Flag on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for further updates. 

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