News: Anti-God Hand Release New Album ‘Blight Year’

Black metal band Anti-God Hand have released their second album, Blight Year, through American Dreams Records. The album was released in 12-inch vinyl format, and limited to 300 copies only.

The band’s founder Will Ballantyne shares his thoughts:

“This is a black metal record. I wrote it when I was coming out of a bleak and difficult year, hence the title, as I was finishing up a season working in the bush in 2021. On this record, I was joined by the absolute powerhouse Greg Fox on the drums; I’m beyond lucky to have him shredding here. The record was also mixed, mastered, and re-amped by Colin Marston, which is surreal, because I’ve been obsessed with his music since I first heard Indricothere in 2008. This record wouldn’t be the same without either of those guys, so, huge thanks again to them.

“The cover photography is by Madison Dinelle and the album design is by Jesse Osborne-Lanthier. Absolute dream team and a pleasure to work with them both as always. And, of course, massive respect to Jordan and the crew at American Dreams Records for believing in this album and releasing it.”

Blight Year Tracklist:

1. Out Of The Tunnels, Into The Heavens (04:02)
2. Barge Of Light (04:53)
3. The Horde At The End Of Language (02:21)
4. Endless Brightness (03:43)
5. Demon Sniper (01:34)
6. Warped And Opalescent Swords (02:52)
7. Chaoscene Hell (04:47)
8. Hyperincursion Of The Theocentre (06:47)
9. Held (04:39)

Purchase the album here.

Follow the band on Bandcamp.

Photo courtesy of Anti-God Hand

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