Goner Records signees, Aquarian Blood just let another single out of the bag, a sweet duet they’re calling “Time in the Rain.” This is the second single from their forthcoming album, Bending the Golden Hour that the Memphis husband and wife duo will be dropping on May 28. You can stream the single below:

The band expounds on the sense of uncertenty and anxeity captured by the recording, by saying the following:

“’Time In the Rain’ is our reflection on this reality, a reminder that despite the ups and downs that are part of everyone’s experience, we must always come back to the most basic and important truth – love sees us through, love always wins.”

Do you want to preorder Bending the Golden Hour? Because if you do, you can do that here. Just do it. It’s a Friday. Treat your damn self already.

Photo by Natalie Hoffmann.

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