UK based post-metalcore greats Architects have shared, “Black Lungs”, the second single from their upcoming ninth studio album For Those That Wish To Exist, out February 26 on Epitaph Records.

Following on from first single, “Animals”, which has been a massive hit on streaming services already with 6M+ streams and 3.5M+ YouTube views, “Black Lungs” comes with a post-apocalyptic video, examining the role the human race is playing in the destruction of the planet.

This is a subject tackled in detail on For Those That Wish To Exist, tipped to be the band’s grandest and most expansive release yet. Self-producing allowed the band the freedom to experiment with electronics and orchestral strings, horns, and choirs, resulting in a genre-destructing record, with intense range.

Check out “Black Lungs” below and pre-order/save For Those That Wish To Exist here.

Images courtesy of Architects.


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