News: Arp Release New Song ‘Le Palace’

Arp is releasing a new single, “Le Palace” via Mexican Summer. “Le Palace” can be found on Arp’s upcoming record, New Pleasures.

The new record is due out July 15 and is available for preorder.

“The title was inspired by an interview I read with Edwige Belmore. Edwige was the singer in the French new wave group Mathematiques Modernes and also the door person at Le Palace during its heyday. Her description of the scene was so colorful, so vivid—I got excited reading about all these characters from the art, music, and fashion worlds rubbing shoulders. It felt like a time when stylistic collision was encouraged.” says Arp about the new track.

“The title was really just supposed to be a working title. It wasn’t meant to be a tribute so much as wanting to write a song that might’ve fit the vibe—a bit post-punk, a bit nightclub, a bit dubby, something that had a charge to it. I suppose it has to do with crossing borders, socially speaking. A dance floor, a good party, pulls in all different kinds of people, people you might not share a space with otherwise. And then you add this music pulsing, hypnotizing, people look around and there’s a moment of recognition. A feeling that anything might happen. A Temporary Autonomous Zone. That elusive feeling, a private experience between two people, in this public social space. I wanted it to feel like a slow burn. The tempo suggests an early evening track, but the atmosphere might be more like 4AM.”


  1. “The Peripheral”
  2. “New Pleasures”
  3. “Preset Gloss”
  4. “Sponge (for Miyake)”
  5. “Eniko”
  6.  “i: /o”
  7. “Plaza” 
  8. “Le Palace”
  9. “Traitor (Dub)”
  10. “Embassy Disco”
  11. “Cloud Storage”
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