News: Arsun Releases ‘Babe I Hear Thunder in Your Heart’ Single and Video

Arsun Sorrenti, New York singer-songwriter, navigates a historical career move with his title track, “Baby I Hear Thunder In Your Heart,” off his debut album to be released on March 8. Arsun, who is presently in Cat Power’s band, has begun a music mecca of his own. It makes a strong contention for why Cat Power chose Arsun for her most recent Bob Dylan song.

The record is a collection of every single Arsun has released to date, including “On the Dark Water’s Edge,” which was in the soundtrack of the recent Yves Saint Laurent campaign. This was a more than eccentric track along with his other tracks that were in the making staging Sorrenti’s supernatural capacity to conjure classic songwriting but with his own signature sound.

The track “Baby I Hear Thunder in Your Heart” is soulful and poetic. This is reminiscent of the Dylan rock era with intellectualism and romantic overtones.  The vocals and blues are rich with passion and a hint of southern string vibes. This is an unreal song, and it’s clear Arsun has arrived!

Check out the video below.

The track and album encapsulate an era of music that is rarely seen. Arsun has brought back this back to life and has added his modern sound. This is just a taste of what we can anticipate from this five-year journey of music. Sorrenti’s decision to conjure this album was not taken lightly. Sorrenti expresses,” “I want to get to a place where my inspirations are helping me repurpose these human experiences in a fresh and modern way.”

The music is mysterious and will intrigue the listener so take it in, it’s a nice ride!

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You can get the album here.

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