News: Asbestos Worker Release Album ‘The Seperation’

Noise rockers Asbestos Worker have released a new album entitled The Seperation via Learning Curve Records. The album is a cathartic, emotional release steeped in multiple layers of noise, distortion, and a lot of heaviness.

Guitarist and vocalist Josh Stever states:

“This whole record was written and recorded in a week and a half about a month after me and my wife separated, hence the title of the record. It is essentially the soundtrack for the mental and emotional breakdown I was having at the time.”

Track by track explanation:

“You’re not good enough” – Ever start feeling positive about life only to remember your life’s fucked?

“How non-violence protects the state” – Read the book of the same title by Peter Gelderloos.

“Accountability” – A harsh critique on the lack of accountability for our institutions of authority.

“Equal or Greater reaction” – Don’t talk shit if you’re not willing to get punched in the mouth.

“I hope you get greased” – An homage to the great Boston hardcore band Bugs and Rats.

“Fear is the little death”- With the anxiety-inducing horrors of life, the litany against fear is a helpful and relevant mantra for the world.

“Public spaces” – Ever want to stay home because you hate the general public?

“They’ll hang you by your bootstraps” – OK boomer…

“Road rage”- Don’t y’all just love the morning commute?

“This is hell” – No explanation needed.

Visit Learning Curve Records to purchase The Seperation here  or at Abestos Worker’s Bandcamp page here.

Follow Asbestos Worker on Facebook here.

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