Illinois rock duo Ashland have released the second single from their upcoming EP I, out April 2. “In Your Head” is available now. FFO: PVRIS, Avril Lavigne, Sleeping With Sirens.

Ashland’s earlier releases, including their last full-length, 2019’s Over The Moon, were out on Rise Records, but the band took 2020 to zoom out and look at their career through a wide lens. Just like their name suggests, they rose from the ashes into the promising, self-made duo evident on “In Your Head” and previous single “Misery”.

Vocalist Asia Marie says:

“‘In Your Head’ was the first song written on the EP. We never “plan” what our sound is going to be on an album, it just comes naturally. And we didn’t know it while we were writing but this was the song that kind of brought us back to our roots and solidify the direction of this EP.”

Check out “In Your Head” below.

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Images courtesy of Ashland.


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