August Burns Red just freaked out the internet in a good way by covering NOFX’s classic “Linoleum” along with Silverstein’s Shane Told.

“ABR covered ‘Linoleum’ by NOFX on a 7″ we did in 2009,” says Brubaker. “We busted it out on tour periodically over the years. This past summer, while touring with Silverstein, we played it semi-regularly with Shane Told handling the vocals. While we were all stuck at home in isolation, we thought it would be fun to put together a quarantine version of ‘Linoleum’ that featured Shane.

“We each recorded our own parts at home, and our sound engineer Chris Pollock mixed the audio together. Then, we had our touring photographer Ray Duker edit all the videos together. This was a fun project for us to put together, and we hope you enjoy it.”

ABR’s latest full-length, Guardians, is out now through Fearless Records. C. Silverstein released their brand new album A Beautiful Place to Drown on March 6 via UNFD.


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