Two-time Grammy Award-nominated, Pennsylvania quintet August Burns Red are gearing up to release their eighth studio album (not including their holiday release). The album, titled Guardians, will release on April 3 via Fearless Records, and they have already revealed three smashing singles off the record.

“Paramount” is the freshest offering from Guardians and hits with an insane amount of classic, ABR technicality, uncompromising breakdowns, and is very melodically driven.

“‘Paramount’ is one of my favorite songs from Guardians,” says Brubaker. “It has that classic, ABR sound with a bunch of tempo changes and different time signatures. But there’s a recurring melody that glues the whole song together. I think this is a song that longtime fans of the band are going to love.”

With that being said, “Paramount” is arguably the most powerful single that has been released yet. However, all three singles combined certainly build a lot of anticipation for this to be another extraordinary extension of one the most consistent bands within the metalcore field.

Guardians Track Listing:

1. The Narrative
2. Bones
3. Paramount
4. Defender
5. Lighthouse
6. Dismembered Memory
7. Ties That Bind
8. Bloodletter
9. Extinct by Instinct
10. Empty Heaven
11. Three Fountains

Pre-order Guardians here.

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