News: Autarkh Release Single And Video For “Strife”

Autarkh have released a single and video for the track “Strife” from forthcoming record Emergent, dropping November 10. Emergent is Autarkh’s sophomore album.

Although Autarkh stay true to their sound of melodic dissonance, ambient droning, and unique programmed beats, “Strife” finds the band looking inward toward a sense of peace while battling their inner demons. All hope is not lost as vocalist/guitarist Michel Nienhuis screams, “My eternal summer is not so distant anymore.”

Emergent is a journey through light and dark, an exploration into meditative states of being, an atmosphere of melancholy, and overcoming oppressive atmospheres. But Emergent is bigger than just its working parts. It’s a statement on the human experience.

Guitarist/vocalist Michel Nienhuis states:

“‘Strife’ shows how we took a different direction on ‘Emergent’: a more straightforward approach where specific atmospheres rather than the density and intensity of ‘Form In Motion’ are emphasized. Guitarist David Luiten has done an outstanding job writing this track. The remarkable guitar theme—that we reused in the Autarkh III song “Lost In Sight”—captivated me instantly when I heard the original version (for a different project) in 2020, and led to this Autarkh version that we are delighted to share with you today!’’

Michel Nienhuis, founder of Autarkh and Dodecahedrom, teamed up again with guitarist/producer David Luiten (Inferum), bassist Desmond Kuijk (Dear Mother), and electronics wizard Tijnn Verbruggen to bring Emergent to life.

Photo courtesy of Autarkh

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