News: Awaken I Am Release New Single ‘House of Cards’

The Australian band Awaken I A, have released their third single, “House of Cards,” off of their upcoming, full-length album. The album will be released during the third quarter of this year with the help of Victory Records. So far, they have released “Relic” and “Tightrope” off of their new album.
Stream “House of Cards” here.

From Brisbane, Australia, rose a five piece band known as Awaken I Am. Formed over 12 years ago, they have had an interesting career leading them to evolve into a very mature band. In May of 2018, they went through a tragedy when their guitarist, Connor Verner-Oakley’s life got cut short in a car accident by an intentionally reckless driver.
This accident, unfortunately, led to the wrong life being taken. After this, the remaining members moved to the United States where they began to work with producer, Taylor Lawson. All tracks written post the passing of Connor, were to honor him and a way to keep his memory alive. They currently have over 22.2 million streams in the past year, a first round Grammy Rock Nomination as well as a sync add on Netflix’s Terrace House.
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