News: Babebee to Release Label Debut EP ‘A Prophesy’

Indie-pop wunderkind Babebee is set to release their label debut EP A Prophesy on November 17 on legendary punk label Epitaph Records. The EP follows in the wake of a tumultuous relationship for Babebee and sees the artist getting very personal.

“The progression of A PROPHECY is me forgiving and forgetting what had happened, but it’s still been a journey trying to heal the wounds,” the artist explains regarding the upcoming EP. So far, they have released three singles off the EP, “COME WITH ME,” “VIDEO GAME,” and “EPHEMERAL.”

You can preorder digital copies of A Prophesy from Bandcamp. Follow Babebee on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Twitch, and Tumblr for future updates.

Photo courtesy of Max Durante.

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