News: Band-Maid Release New Single ‘Bestie’ Co-written by Mike Einziger of Incubus

The highly popular girls’ band Band-Maid have released their new single “Bestie,” which they co-wrote with guitarist Mike Einziger of Incubus.

Watch the official video of “Bestie” on YouTube:

The band performed the song for the first time at the Tokyo Garden Theatre, where they joined Incubus. The band had already announced that they were going to play the song, but surprisingly Mike joined them on stage to play guitars for “Bestie.”

Mike Einziger

Tour Dates:

Band-Maid × The Warning Special Show In Japan

Wednesday, June 12th, 2024@Tokyo Roppongi EX Theater

Buy the tickets here.


Band-Maid play melodic metal, which is the opposite of the traditional pop and anime culture of Japan. With more than 198 million views on the videos on YouTube, the band have made a strong impact on the music scene of Japan. The band introduced kawaii metal globally in 2013. They also take pride in writing their music by themselves. Last year, the band toured across Japan, the U.S., and Mexico, including Lollapalooza. The band have also performed in one of the historic venues of Japan: the Yokohama Arena.


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Photo courtesy of Shawn Hannah and MIsaki Ito

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