On October 13, 2020 legendary hardcore band Bane will release their documentary Holding These Moments. The documentary is a collaboration with their long time label Equal Vision and production studio Queen City Pictures, distributed by 1091 Pictures.

The documentary allows the Bane to tell their story on their final tour, which culminated in a final show on June 18, 2016 at the Worcester Palladium.

Check out the trailer for Holding These Moments below:

Equal Vision have announced a physical preorder for the documentary in the form of a classic VHS cassette. You can preorder the VHS version of Holding This Moment here.

Bane and Equal Vision Records first joined forces in 1998 with a compilation release of the band’s earlier work titled Holding This Moment. Throughout their 21 year course as a band, BANE released four full-lengths through the label including It All Comes Down to This (1999), Give Blood (2001), The Note (2005), and their final send-off Don’t Wait Up (2014). Formed in 1995, the band has made a lasting impact on the hardcore community, from playing shows across the world to the infamous Bane hoodie. Holding These Moments marks the end of over two decades for Bane and serves as a backward glance at the all-or-nothing decision to end the band with a final album and tour.


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