News: Baratro Release Track ‘Don’t Look At Me, I’m Hideous’

Baratro have released the track ‘Don’t Look At Me, I’m Hideous’ ahead of their Debut album The Sweet Smell of Unrest out February 2. Fronted by Unsane bassist Dave Curran, Baratro was born when guitarist Federico Bonuccelli (Council of Rats) and bassist Dave Curran (Unsane) met at a show in legendary Milan squat Cox18 and started to trade riffs and song ideas.

Luca Antonozzi (Marnero) joined the lineup and Baratro was off to the races. They recorded their first six songs in the empty concert hall of Cox18 which was released as the Terms and Conditions EP via Sangue Dischi Records in July 2021. When COVID shut the world down, the band focused on writing new music and eventually started tracking down eleven tracks for their first full-length effort The Sweet Smell of Unrest.

Each song on The Sweet Smell of Unrest explores a different texture of Baratro’s musical style ranging from hardcore to doom infused breakdowns accentuated with Baratro’s odd time signatures and Curran’s trademark heavy groove sound.


1. Fight The Parking Meter
2. Pay Dirt
3. The Bad, The Bad And The Ugly
4. Don’t Look At Me, I’m Hideous
5. Adherence
6. It’s All Your Fault Timmy
7.Pope Of Dope
8. Nervous Wreck
9. Grotesque
10. Simp
11. Glutton

Photo courtesy of Baratro 

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