In these difficult and unsure times, Baroness have come through with a soaring message of solidarity and creativity. The band have just released a version of their track “Tourniquet” which features all four members playing the song at their respective homes, showcasing the band’s ability to both socially isolate and come together to share the message of unity amidst the COVID-19 crisis.

The band issued a collective comment:

Hey everyone! Here’s an as-live-as-possible performance of ‘Tourniquet’ that we made over the course of a couple days during this period of isolation. We have all maintained a rigid policy of social-distancing since becoming aware of this pandemic, which has unfortunately deprived us of our much preferred means of playing music.

Throughout this crisis, the overall safety and responsibility of our global human community far outweighs the individual value of any show, festival, or tour. We’re refocusing and redoubling our energy to adapt to this situation as it unfolds. As difficult as it seems to navigate the effects of this virus, the isolation has not stripped us of our passion for Baroness’ music.

Playing music so far from our bandmates will never be particularly natural. However, the experience of making this video through emails, texts, and phone calls has been a powerful reminder of how inspiring and invigorating music can be in times of stress, struggle, and confusion. We hope you enjoy this performance. It isn’t meant to highlight musical perfection or precision. Personally, it serves as a reminder that, no matter what situation we face, we are still able to enjoy friendship, family, and community through something as simple as a song. Isolated but never alone … Baroness.

Be safe. Be good to each other. Act with personal and civic responsibility. We’ll see you again soon.

“Tourniquet” was featured on Baroness’ Gold & Grey album, which was released in June 2019 via the band’s own label, Abraxan Hymns. The group recently released an 11-part web series “Making Gold & Grey” which showed us the making of this wonderful album.

You can purchase Baroness’ Gold & Grey here.


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