Bayside have announced their third acoustic EP, Acoustic Volume 3, will be out December 11 via Hopeless Records, and have released new single “Light Me Up”.

Frontman Anthony Raneri says:

“We had no intentions of recording anything this year. We decided going into the studio and working on something was a safe way to stay creative, do what we love and also give the fans something special.”

“Light Me Up” has an adorable accompanying video, featuring fan-submitted clips of their happiest moments.

Bayside Acoustic Volume 3

The band should’ve been celebrating their 20th anniversary this year, but like every other band on the planet, things didn’t go quite to plan. We can only expect big things will come once the band can get back on the road and playing shows.

Check out the video for “Light Me Up” below, pre-order Acoustic Volume 3 here, and follow the band on social media via their website here.

Acoustic Volume 3 Tracklisting:
1. Light Me Up
2. The New Flesh
3. Not Fair
4. Poison In My Veins
5. Prayers

Images courtesy of Bayside. Featured image by Gustavo Jaimes.


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