The former manager of PA punk outfit Beach Slang has spoken out with allegations against frontman James Alex for emotional abuse. At the same time, Alex’s family released a statement to say the vocalist is seeking treatment after a suicide attempt.

Charlie Lowe, who has managed Beach Slang for quite some time, took to Twitter to speak out about the “constant” abuse she received from Alex, saying she “was diagnosed with C-PTSD” from how she was treated. 

Meanwhile, the family of Alex released a statement on Instagram saying that he is “in an inpatient facility after attempting to take his life,” and he “is getting the help he needs and will be on a true path to recovery.”

The family statement opens with a response to the allegations raised by Lowe, saying “yes he had moments of compulsiveness, emotional instability, and chaotic relationships, but none of his actions were intentional or meant to hurt or harm anyone,” adding “while mental illness does not excuse anyone to cause others emotional duress, it should at least be acknowledged that it may cause one to unknowingly hurt others and themselves with their words and actions.”

Lowe responded by saying their statement is “effectively silencing [her] as the victim,” and “past trauma isn’t a blank check to perpetuate more trauma.”

Lowe later Tweeted “yet ANOTHER woman has come forward to me with a story damn near IDENTICAL to mine, including identical details I have not made public at all. James Alex has been emotionally abusing & grooming younger women for DECADES.” 

Due to the allegations, Polyvinyl Records have dropped distribution of Beach Slang’s music, releasing a statement provided by Billboard:

“Polyvinyl stands in solidarity with those who have come forward about their experiences with James Alex of Beach Slang. We have begun the process of discontinuing our involvement in the sale and distribution of Beach Slang and Quiet Slang releases.”

In the James Alex family statement, they revealed that “Beach Slang is over,” adding that Alex “has no plans to return to music.”


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