News: Beartooth Collaborate With Hardy On New Track “The Better Me”

American rock band Beartooth have released their new single “The Better,” which features singer/songwriter Hardy.

Watch the official video of “The Better” on YouTube:

Baretooth were formed in 2013 by Caleb Shomo. Beartooth and Hardy have a mutual admiration for each other which indeed shows in their unique collaboration. Both parties have unfathomable kinship between each other, as Hardy has mentioned that he has asked for vocalist Caleb Shomo’s advice on delivering singing and screaming.

Vocalist Caleb Shomo shares his thoughts:

“There are times where we feel like there is a way better version of ourselves somewhere deep inside that we need to find and bring back to the forefront of our live. This song is about going through the things that brought me to that conclusion. Simply put, I made a choice to be a better me.”


Beartooth announced their fifth album, The Surface, in July to be released on October 13 through Red Bull Records.  Preorder the album here.


Caleb Shomo – vocals
Zach Huston – guitars
Will Deely – guitars
Oshie Bichar – bass
Connor Denis – drums


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Photo courtesy of Jimmy Fontaine and Tanner Gallagher   

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