News: Bellwether Collabs with Brooklane on ‘Hurricane’

Self-described anime pop punk band Bellwether release “Hurricane,” a catchy collab with fellow pop-punkers Brooklane. It’s a bouncy, effect-heavy song that keeps you glued from the beginning with a smooth progression from a poppy beginning to a heavy finish.

“Hurricane was inspired by the titular character of the Naruto series and is about wanting to prove the people who didn’t believe in you or dismissed you wrong, and blow them away,” the band say. “While we take a lot from Naturo for the song, we also used our experience in the music industry to ensure that we were being honest and sincere in our performance.”

“Hurricane” is fun blend of pop-punk circles from two radically different parts of the world. You have Bellwether, natives of Sydney, Australia, joining forces with Midwest natives Brooklane.

“We’re so excited to show off this track—to let people know we’re here and to show off our worth as artists.”

Bellwether will perform with Bad Neighbour in Sydney and Brisbane in April.

Learn more about those shows and the band’s music here.

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