BELPHEGOR have just released a re-recorded and re-release version of their 2000’s album Necrodaemon Terrorsathan.  You can get this blackened death masterpiece on CD and LP via Nuclear Blast Records.

From the band on their reissue:

 “It’s great to re-release this offering after twenty years.The demons get what they deserve, and many have asked throughout the years. The album holds the flag high in the form of a raw atmosphere for blasphemous Black Death Metal.”

 Necrodaemon Terrorsathan has been remastered with an original booklet available on jewel case CD and Gatefold LP formats. 

In September 2017, BELPHEGOR released their latest studio album Totenritual, the eleventh offering of the diabolic black metal band.

Buy Necrodaemon Terrorsathan here.


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