If you’re hard up for something to listen to while you’re waiting for your copy of Rob Halford’s Confess to arrive in the mail (and realistically if you’re a regular New Noise reader I won’t believe you if you tell me you’ve run out of things to listen to, but anyway) then might I recommend some white-knuckle rock and/or roll to help you bid the time.

Today New Noise is stoked to be able to premiere for you the latest track from Guerilla Toss guitar shogun and BUFU Records founder and guru Ben Katzman, of Ben Katzman’s DeGreaser. Ben’s new track “Path Of The Mutagen” is off of his forthcoming, and appropriately titled EP, Shredder Man. Available starting October 16, 2020 on, where else, BUFU Records.

Check out the premiere stream for “Path Of The Mutagen” below:

In a hypothetical universe where Kiss merged with Mastodon, Cronenberg’s The Fly style and then embarked on a quest to defeat an invading space armada, in such an awesome possible world “Path Of The Mutagen” might have a shot at being our new national anthem. As it stands, in our dumber, somehow less sane universe, it’s just another killer track that Ben recorded and produced on his laptop and then decided to generously share with us mere mortals.

Here is Ben’s take on “Path Of The Mutagen” in his own words:

This is the official theme to the Jean Claude Van Damme movie where he teams up with the Ninja Turtles to fight the CoronaVirus armed with nothing but Charvel Axes and the will to shred. Of course that movie was made in an alternate universe but it crushed.

We’ll let you decide which scenario is more deserving of a sequel and cereal endorsement deal, Kiss-odon Takes Mars, or Universal Soldier on the Half-Shell vs The Virus. Pretend you have $100 million dollars and no pressing material concerns. We give you our blessing to play kingmaker.

Ben is joined on “Path Of The Mutagen” by his pal Diego Edsel, who he specifically asked that we shout out while writing this article. “Hi Diego! Hope you’re doing well!” we imagine Ben saying.

The EP also features a few guest shred appearances from Juan Montoya (Moon Destroys/Torche/Killer be Killed), who also did the artwork (see, above), Arian Shafiee from Guerilla Toss (Sub Pop), Phil Neilsen from Birth Defects and Crazy Town (Yes that Crazy Town with “Butterfly”), and Elad Muhayas from Halidom

Shredder Man was Produced by Ben Katzman and Giovanni Angel, and mixed by Giovanni Angel

Photo by Brian Hernandez

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