News: Beyond The Gates 2024 Guided Tour and Experiences On Sale Now

Beyond the Gates Festival are pleased to mark their third return! The festival will offer Beyond the Gates Experience, a series of special guided tours in Bergen (NO), to be carried out by some of the Norwegian music scene’s legends. The experiences will be offered at the time of the festival, and it will include the following tours:

Fantoft Stave Church tour with Finn Håkon Rødland
The Black Metal Landmarks tour with Tore Bratseth
Beyond the Black Metal Classics – a guided tour of Grieghallen with Pytten

Purchase the tickets and select the preferred date and time here.

Beyond the Gates say:

“We are incredibly proud to announce the first batch of bands for Beyond the Gates 2024. We say this every time, but we do promise that next year is going to be something you’ve never experienced before. On the back of that statement, please welcome the juggernaut that is Behemoth. The band hasn’t played in Bergen since 2012, so their return is much welcomed. We’re also very excited to be able to present Satyricon, who is releasing a new album next spring and will return to the live scene for the first time in five years.

“Founders and innovators Venom and Watain will also grace Beyond the Gates with a visit next year with their spectacular and energetic live shows.

“Moving on, Trelldom, featuring the iconic singer Gaahl, who will do their first live appearance ever since their formation in the early ’90s. Vreid will celebrate 30 years of Sognametal, while Norwegian black metalers Djevel and Dødheimsgard will grant us with exclusive sets. 

“Completing the first round of names are the Czech’s Cult of Fire with their massive live show, the mysterious Darkspace from Switzerland and Polish Manbryne, who will do their first concert outside of their home country.

“As always, the festival will be stacked with numerous activities you can experience in addition to the live concerts: guided tours, fairs, market and so forth.

“As a festival, Beyond the Gates is immediately lovable. Bergen is intrinsically part of that embrace … Sure, Norway’s expensive, but seeing the best bands out there, taking in a Tolkienesque fjord or two, pilgrimaging to Fantoft church, hitting up Gaahl’s arts gallery (Galleri Fjalar) nestled in the quaint houses at Bryggen while Freyr gleefully and continually pisses rain on you from the heavens? All worth its weight in hordes of kroner.”

The fest will run from July 31 to  August 3, 2024.

Current Beyond the Gates 2024 Lineup:

Trelldom (First concert ever)
Vreid (Celebrating 30 years!)
Cult of Fire

Beyond The Gates

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Photo courtesy of Beyond the Gates

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