Black Metal Rainbow is a book that assembles art and commentary from the vast world of black metal to shine a light on its more queer and flamboyant aspects.

The project began with a KickStarter and a goal of only $20,000 but has already surpassed it by over $10k with only four days to go! If you want to get in on the action, you can check out the Kickstarter page here.

The trailer for the book is below:

The book will be published through PM Press with a foreword by Kim Kelly titled, “Black Metal under a Black Flag.” But it’s not just Kelly who has endorsed the project, check out what others are saying about it…

“This is a manifesto as much as a book: A grand declaration of war against those who would confine black metal to crude invocations of masculine, heteronormative nativism. Black Metal Rainbows is an untamed collection of art, memoir, essays and interviews that explode black metal into an infinity of kaleidoscopic pieces. It celebrates the truly unruly, the revolutionary and the playful; and it refuses to turn its subversive gaze away from black metal itself. A not-so-subtle reproach to those who condemn ‘wokeness’ as a pacification of black metal’s vitality, Black Metal Rainbows demonstrates an awakening to black metal’s true destiny.” —Keith Kahn–Harris, author of Extreme Metal: Music and Culture on the Edge

“Black Metal Rainbows? But of course! Behold a treatise of the unholiest order. These pages unravel the densely layered alchemy that is black metal, and its undeniable relationship to the rebellious queer spirit we as a community so desperately need to resurrect. Rainbow hails to all involved for digging deep and unearthing a fabulous piece of faggot witchery. May the seance begin!” Paul Masvidal, Cynic

“Despite being there in the moment during the ascent of the Venoms, the Bathorys, and the Hellhammers, I’ve tended to fidget warily from afar since black metal partly curdled into a mess of homogenized inhumanity. So, I welcome this collective liberating howl beyond the stereotypes of icy forests and puerile hatred. Bravo!” —Barney Greenway, Napalm Death

“Black metal is a fascinating genre—in part because of its complicated (and bloody) history but also because of the rigorous theory and deep thoughts buzzing around it. If you were to put together a perfect black metal book, one that captures that essential complexity while also providing historical and personal insights, it would be Black Metal Rainbows, a sprawling collection of essays, interviews, band and label profiles, and all kinds of art for both the true kvlt and the curious. It sets the new standard for how we should think about this music.” —Brandon Stosuy, The Creative Independent

“Black metal is the ultimate outsider musical genre, so it makes sense that us queers and weirdos would build a home within its barren fields. Black Metal Rainbows is a necessary anthology documenting the strong anti-oppressive backbone being woven into black metal’s very fabric.” KW Campol, Vile Creature

“Finally black metal is delivered from the tedious edgelords who have long diluted the decidedly queer heart of the desire for darkness, death, and despair as an effulgent world of creative infinity. This volume offers myriad trajectories, via art, philosophy, action and music, that black metal has created, perhaps because of, perhaps in spite of its embrace of all things tenebrous. This delicious book is a beacon of black light that shows the wonders which occur when the atrophied figure of the dominant human undergoes putrefaction and emerges from the crypt in glittering cerecloth. An absolute joy to read.” —Patricia MacCormack, author of The Ahuman Manifesto

“This wide–ranging compendium pushes past the conventional and conservative to explore black metal as a site of contest and transformative possibility—an act which is itself actually transgressive.” —Jes Skolnik, senior editor, Bandcamp Daily

“Why the fuck would black metal deferentially bow down to rule-obsessed, small-minded, conservative-traditionalist, unthinking conformist convention? Black Metal Rainbows sets fire to this reactionary deadwood and unveils in its rowdy, contradictory writings the blazing, lurid, radical potential of black metal’s cult of distortion, exploring its new underground tendrils, tracing its infestation of other realms, and radically reanimating its past mythologies.” Owen Coggins, author of Mysticism, Ritual and Religion in Drone Metal

“The beauty of black is that it can represent both the absence of all light and the presence of all color. To look into the blackness is not to stare into an empty void, but rather to confront the churning, horrible, beautiful, infinite spectrum of the human experience. Those of us who experience and create dark art have always understood this, but tired one-dimensional stereotypes still persist. Black Metal Rainbows is a triumphant celebration of the full spectrum of darkness that will shatter preconceptions and warm your cold black heart.” —Rob Sheridan, High Level, previous art director of Nine Inch Nails

As a special 11th hour incentive, Black mTeal Rainbow has added a 5th tier to their campaign with the incentive of 5 silkscreen prints by Stephen Wilson a.k.a Unknown Relic (Vile Creature, Bismuth, Body Void, Hellish Form, Everson Poe, Somnolent, etc).

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