Splicing black metal shards into their heavyweight, metallic hardcore sound, Bay Area outfit Wolf King are set to release their sophomore, full-length album, The Path of Wrath, out March 5 via Prosthetic Records.

The follow-up to 2018’s Loyal to the Soil, the group’s latest record promises to take their sound to the limits of sonic extremity: more texture, more doom, more rawness.

Latest single “Wandering Soul” exemplifies Wolf King’s grim ethos, pairing a black-and-white, classic horror-infused visual aesthetic with frigid blast-beats, relentless tempos, eerie melodies, and dissonant riffage.

Speaking on the release of their new single, the band says:

“‘Wandering Soul’ is a tale of passing from this existence, and how our souls will forever wander among the living. We seek the light to take us to our final resting place, but we can never grasp it.”

Watch the crushing video for “Wandering Soul” below:

Preorder and stream The Path of Wrath here.

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