News: Botanist Release New Single ‘Magnolia’

Plantcore rockers Botanist have released the single “Magnolia” from forthcoming album Paleobotany that will be released May 17. Magnolia refers to the ancient plant sub-genus of Magnolioideae, which are spreading evergreens, deciduous trees or shrubs that characterized by large fragrant flowers.

On their 12th full-length, Paleobotany, Botanist take us back more than 70 million years to a time when dinosaurs ruled the planet and early forests began to turn to coal. Check out the video for “Magnolia” below.

Botanist state:

“Magnolias abound in our present day, but they have been around for at least 65 million years, which means before bees came into existence,” mastermind Otrebor explains. “So for procreation, beetles used to do this song’s subject’s bidding instead.”

The music of Botanist has its foundation anchored in metal. In fact, the band originally started out with a Nordic black metal leaning but evolved into a more avant-garde, even progressive headspace regarding lyrical and musical complexity. Instead of six-string guitars, the band use 110-string hammered dulcimers.

Taking it all a step further, Botanist fit these percussion-stringed folk instruments with magnetic pickups and distort them through various means ranging from amplifiers via analogue tape to digital manipulation. The resulting sound is highly unique and firmly rooted in “plantcore.”

Botanist are Otrebor – hammered dulcimer, keyboards, with the additional collective line-up (recording/live) of:
Daturus – drums
Tony Thomas – bass
Mar – vocals

Photo courtesy of Botanist 

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