News: Botch Release New Song

When you ask someone about the genre “mathcore,” you will usually get an answer that recalls one of two artists: Converge and Botch. While Converge has remained active, Botch decided to dissolve after a nine-year reign as absolute titans of the heavy music realm way back in 2002. Now we get to witness a monumental moment as Botch return with a new song 20 years after their split.

“One Twenty Two” is a blistering, two-minute-and-12-second masterclass in off-kilter riffing, throaty screams, surgical percussion, and meaty low-end. Recorded during the pandemic, this track is not from a forthcoming record, but rather a single for a re-release of their 1999 album We Are The Romans coming November 4 via Sargent House.

While this track does not bring a reunion, it does bring an absolute heater of a track from a band that hasn’t lost a single muscle for this music in 20 years. Check out the video below, and preorder the reissue of We Are The Romans here. Hopefully more of their releases get the same treatment in the near future.

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