Founding KORN guitarist and nu metal sonic architect Brian “Head” Welch has announced the opening of Zivel locations in Nashville, TN and Bakersfield, CA.

Zivel is described as a state-of-the-art performance and recovery suite, and its services include saltwater floating, cryotherapy, infared sauna, oxygen therapy, and compression therapy. The treatments are geared specifically to combat the rigors faced by touring musicians.

“In 2005, I found healing after years of struggling with addiction, depression, and suicidal ideation. I consider myself extremely blessed to have been made whole,” Welch says. “The most exciting thing for me about Zivel is that our services can help revitalize every part of a person’s life—body, mind, and spirit.”

Welch has high hopes for Zivel, and there are already several more facilities in the works. “Our goal is to open locations in every state, and eventually around the world to help people young and old,” he says. “Because Zivel is more than just a spa offering, it is a way of life, where we truly believe that everyone should be treated and feel like a rock star.”

The good news is that Zivel’s services are also affordable for teachers, plumbers, and maybe even freelance writers. At the Nashville location, 15 minutes of oxygen therapy will set you back $15, while an hour of flotation therapy runs $65. Get more details and prices here.

One can only assume this will not be the background music at Zivel.

Welch’s life as a rock star has experienced quite a few twists and turns since he helped form KORN in 1993. The band went on to sell more than 35 million records, and at one point were one of the most popular bands in the world. He left the group on 2005 to focus on his sobriety and being a better father to his daughter. Welch has been very open about his struggles with substance abuse and subsequent conversion to Christianity.

Since then, he’s released solo albums and written books about his experiences. He seems to have more than atoned for his part in helping unleash nu metal on an unsuspecting world. He also mended fences and rejoined his old friends in KORN in 2013. The band is still a major concert draw and will be touring with fellow West Coast weirdos Faith No More this summer.


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