Richmond, Virginia pop-punkers Broadside are gearing up for their new album Into The Raging Sea, out July 24 on SharpTone Records, and have released third single “Heavenly.”

A callback to Broadside’s earlier sound, “Heavenly” offers lyrical romanticism’s over tight, pumped up pop-punk.

“‘Heavenly’ is just a cute song,” says vocalist Ollie Baxxter. “Sonically, it’s rooted in our old sound…the one that got us to the place where we are today. It’s a love song and an ode to our first single ‘Coffee Talk.’ Underneath the ‘big picture’ I try and paint into my lyrics, I’m still just a romantic to the core.”

“Heavenly” follows previous singles “Foolish Believer” and “The Raging Sea” in the run up to the band’s third album. Produced by Seth Henderson (State Champs, Knuckle Puck, Real Friends), Into The Raging Sea fins Baxxter dealing with feelings of isolation inspired by the lack of a father in much of his youth and turmoil for Broadside behind the scenes after the band’s second full-length.

Pre-order Into The Raging Sea here.


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