News: Brooklane Release ‘Something About You’

Midwest pop-punkers Brooklane drop their newest tune “Something About You.” The track exemplifies why few perform pure pop-punk better than the Adventure Cat Records scene stars.

“Something About You” is a roller coaster of a track, a layered tune filled with fun twists and turns. It’s one of Brookelane’s best written songs.

“Is about finding love, letting go, then finding out you couldn’t live life without that person after maturing and realizing how special that person really was,” the band says about the song. “And you couldn’t live without them.”

The tune is the second from Brooklane since their 2023 EP Stay Toxic, following the March release of “Vacancy.” The band put out “Something About You” on April, 19. As you “Swifties” already know, that was the same day Taylor Swift released a new album.

Brooklane joked about the coincidence on Instagram. To be completely honest, we all know their song is better.

The Midwest natives join Fluorescents at the Beat Kitchen in Chicago on May, 24. They trek back to their own neck of the woods on June 7, playing with Outside Kids and Miles Between in Rapid City, South Dakota.

Keep a close eye out for more new music and shows from Brooklane here.

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