Geese are a band that begins and ends in Brooklyn, as a project between friends to build a home studio out of a basement. While the indie rockers have plans for a full-length release through new label Partisan Records later this year, their debut single “Disco” is born from the same ambition: make music by any means necessary.

Watch the lyric video for “Disco” below:

Geese began recording together with sneakers as mic stands and blankets draped over the amps, all within the afternoon following a school day until they ran the risk of noise complaints.

“Disco” merges all the restless anxiety and pent-up frustration of trying to figure out life at 18 with a wall-of-sound immediacy and looseness: curiously alien, yet strangely familiar.

On the track’s origins, the band states:

“‘Disco’ was our first big step forward as a band. It’s a very urgent and restless song, which was indicative of all our head spaces at the time. ‘Disco’ has a lot of organized chaos at its core; the music, the lyrics, and even the way we recorded it all speak to a sort of manic energy we were all working through.

It’s a song that sounds like it’s perpetually on the verge of collapse—and yet, it always manages to keep itself together. There’s a bit of chaos in all of our songs, or a sense that they could explode at any moment. ‘Disco’ represents that the most for us: the little bit of chaos each of us carry and bring to our music.”

Stream “Disco” here.

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