Burning Tongue’s “Howler” is a real beast. It’s this crusty and speedy, blackened slab of hardcore punk in just over three minutes that takes a walk on the wild side. One that borrows from a wide variety of heavy metal sub-genres, but in a stream-lined and respectable way. It’s a damn cool song, even if the “song title – artist name” format on the below video is unforgivable.

Directed by Sean Bilovecky and the New York quartet, the new film clip for “Howler” is like Burning Tongue’s spin on some old werewolf classics. Filmed at abandoned girl scout camp, the awkward protagonist Ned (same lead from their previous video, June’s “Cult-De-Sac) discovers his own figurative and literal wolf-pack, giving his new friends a little push in the hairy and gnashing-teeth direction.  It’s the fitting kind of silly, goofy music video for the current spooky season.

Burning Tongue’s newest record, Prisoner’s Cinema (not to be confused with this album) releases very fucking soon on October 29 through Aqualamb Records. Find your preorders for it here.


"I know writers who use subtext, and they're all cowards."

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