News: Calmgrove Build Off EP ‘True Color’

Alternative and pop punk band Calmgrove continue to build off its EP True Color. The Southern California native’s latest work adamantly adds to the decades-long stretch of top-tier, scene music coming from the hotspot.

“True Color’ is a song written about seeing someone in your life for the worse,” the band say. “Often times we see people that mean the most to us with a rose colored lens, but hardships come along, and eventually you have to see a situation for what it really is.”

Formed in 2018, Calmgrove hit the ground running with early demos. The band’s 2019 EP led to stage time with heavy hitters like Bayside, Belmont, Boston Manor, and In Her Own Words. The momentum eventually led to the band to release its recent, sophomore EP True Color.

“’True Color’ is the title track of our sophomore EP, and it’s a fixture in our tour set,” the band say. “We love playing it and enjoy seeing the crowd vibe to the energy!”

You can expect to hear the song during the band’s set at an upcoming show in Stockton, California on March 16. The True Color EP was recorded under the veteran guidance of Zach Tuch, who has worked with Movements, Silverstein and Eat Your Heart Out, among others.

Calmgrove will tour the Southwest this Spring. Keep a close eye on any announcements from them here.

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