News: Canadian Trio Bad Pop Release Brand New Visuals for ‘Heartache on the Reddit Boards’

Sharing a mutual love for rock and humor, Bad Pop will quickly become your new go-to band. Back with the retro style visuals for powerhouse new single Heartache on the Reddit Boards’, the mesmerizing, new music video accompanies the grunge infused single perfectly.

Jam-packed with a monotone music video of old school video clips, the video is unpredictable and not able to be pinpointed to one specific niche.

Speaking about the track, Chris Connelly shares: “The song is written through the perspective of a young artist who feels like they’re special and deserving of success, whose purpose is to have an audience, how they get it or what they say in front of it doesn’t really matter. So, we wanted to use footage that had a real performative feel to it but also hinted at this vapid, perception-based, internet culture that we live in, where attention is the goal in itself.”

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