Canadian three-piece Bad Pop have released their highly anticipated EP titled Dark Metal

Considered as their cynical and sarcastic response to human kind, Bad Pop’s EP also features the band’s mutual love for all things rock, humor and gritty sounding guitars. 

Speaking about the EP, Chris Connelly comments, “Dark Metal is a hard hitting, jangly, punk-rock record built to wake you up with a slap in the face. Lyrically, it’s cynical and sarcastic. It’s confrontational in a ‘tongue and cheek’ kind of way, always with a smirk, as it confidently struts with a swagger.”

Overall, Dark Metal serves as an angsty and aggressive reaction to some of the biggest issues society is facing right now, from capitalism all the way through to human kind overpopulation, and standout song “You’ll Be Fine” is a prime example of this. 

“This album took many different paths to completion and at times looked like it would never be finished. Some of the tracks found their beginnings as live songs, tested out in front of live audiences while touring the Bad Pop LP. Others were crafted together in the studio, and others were done over the internet in lockdown. They say there isn’t just one way to make an album, and that’s a good thing because this album did it many different ways,” says Chris Connelly on the EP’s overall curation. 

Bad Pop’s latest EP Dark Metal is set for release on June 15. 

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